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• How can I benefit from Motion PhoneCards?
Motion Cards offers substantial savings off all your long distance and international calls. Our convenient and affordable PhoneCards are the perfect solution for consumers who want to minimise their monthly call expenditure.

• How does a Motion PhoneCard work?
When you buy a PhoneCard from us, you are paying for long distance and international calls in advance. As calls are made, the value of your PhoneCard decreases based on; duration of connection and any other associated maintenance charges.

• How do I actually use my PhoneCard?
When you receive your PhoneCard details via email, you will receive dialing instructions, an access number, and a PIN number. From there, you make your calls following 3 simple steps;
1. Dial Your Local Access Number.
2. Enter your PhoneCard PIN Number.
3. For calling within Australia: Dial Area Code + phone number.
Or For calling International numbers: Dial 0011 + Country Code + Area Code + Phone Number.

For subsequent calls, you do not need to hang up - just press # once for three seconds at the completion of your first call. (Please note you need to press # twice to make a subsequent call from a BudgetCard ONLY).

• Can I get a refund or replacement for lost, stolen or expired PINs and PhoneCards?
No. PINs and PhoneCards are non-refundable and non-replaceable.

• How long will my phone card last?

PhoneCards are valid for 3 months after initial activation (the first time you make a call using the PhoneCard).

• I got disconnected in the middle of my call, why did this happen!?
There could be several reasons for an unexpected disconnection. The most common reasons are; the country you are calling may have poor reception or you ran out of phone credit.

• Who do I speak to if I experience a problem with my card ?
This is typically an infrequent event as most calls are made without difficulty. However, there may be rare occasions when you could experience problems with making a call. If you do encounter a problem or you have a general enquiry you should call the customer service phone number found on the back of your PhoneCard.

• Can I use any phone with my PhoneCard?
Yes. You can use any phone with your PhoneCard. This can be from your home phone, public phone or mobile. You can even use it from your office or friend’s phone without the call being charged to them. If you are using a mobile to call, your mobile phone provider will still be charging you the cost of that mobile call to the access number. Please be aware that as a rule you must use a touch tone phone.

• Will my cards work outside of Australia?
No. All PhoneCards are suitable for outbound calls from Australia ONLY.

Account & Billing Questions

• What is Connection Fee?
Some PhoneCards charge a once off connection fee that is deducted from your PhoneCard for every call. A connection fee will be charged for all successful connections, including connections to voice mail and answering devices. If a call is ‘unanswered’, then no connection fee will be charged.
PhoneCards with a connection fee tend to have a lower per minute rate, and therefore are more suitable for longer calls. e.g. BudgetCard, Premier, Clear, Dream, Xtreme, Freedom, and Smiley PhoneCards. If you tend to make shorter calls it may be worthwhile to buy cards with no connection fee eg: Gold PhoneCard. Each card's connection fee (if any) is listed on under ‘Products’ in our web site.

• What is the different between peak, off peak and 24 hour flat rates?
Some Motion PhoneCards have a 24 hour rate whilst some have a peak and off peak rate. The 24 hour rate means that you can call at any time and that rate will not change. Other card providers charge a higher amount during peak hours and charge a cheaper rate during off peak hours. This may be best suited for customers that ring outside the busy hours for greater cost savings. Click on our card description to check whether that card has a 24 hour rate or peak/off peak and what those periods are.

• Do the rates change?
Motion reserve the right to change their rates without prior notice. This does not happen frequently, however We will endeavor to update our rate tables as soon as any changes arise.

• How are my calls calculated?
Calls are calculated based on 1-minute increments. Any fraction of a minute will be rounded up to the next full minute. All minutes used are deducted according to each country rate from your account balance Note: Calling to mobile phones may result in a higher rate.

• What are acceptable forms of payment?
We currently accept all major credit cards: Visa, American Express, MasterCard, & Discover. We accept any hybrid card as long as the logo of one of these major credit cards appears on the card.

Bank transfers are available with specific requirements, please contact us for more information.

• Are the rates any different if a mobile phone is used to place the call?
Yes. Calls made from or to a mobile phones are priced at a higher rate due to the extra technology involved in completing the connection.

• What will happen if my account runs out of balance in the middle of a conversation?
You will hear two warning beeping, which will indicate that you have one minute remaining in your account. Please try to finish your conversation immediately. Your call will be automatically cut-off when your balance reaches zero. To prevent this, please make sure you have more than enough balance before you place a call.

• Can I transfer the balance on my PhoneCard to another PhoneCard?
No. You can't transfer any remaining balance on your PhoneCard - you must use it.

• Will I receive periodic bills?
This is a Prepaid Calling Card service. You will pay in advance so you will never receive a bill.

Can I request A PhoneCard Statement?
Yes. For a $5 administration fee per Pin, Motion can supply a Statement for all your PhoneCards that itemizes all the calls you have made using your PhoneCard. Of course, verification of your full name, home telephone number, and home address and a copy of your drivers license is essential in order to disclose confidential information. Upon verification, your statement can be faxed of mailed to you to immediately.

• Is all my personal information safe and private with you?
Absolutely! We never sell or share any information with anyone else. All credit card information is encrypted when entered any time the lock Icon is visible on the bottom of your web browser. Never enter your credit card information when the lock Icon is not shown on the screen or in any email you send to anyone.

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