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All of our Calling Cards can be purchased online via credit cards. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Bankcard .
  Before you can make a purchase, you need to be a registered member of Motion Telecom International
(MTI). This will take less than 5mins, simply click here (active link that leads to url:registation page) or click on the ‘Register’ button which can be found on the left side of any page within our website. Fill in your details, and submit your completed form to us. You need to have a "" valid email address. You will immediately be sent a unique registration code via email. Please retain your Login details and password as you will need them each time you want to purchase using the MTI site.
  1. If you know the card that you would like to purchase, just click on the ‘Product’ link on the left side of the page. You can then select the card you are after using the Quick Find Search menu.
If you would like to search for the best card to call a particular country, simply click on ‘Rates Finder’ and using the drop down menu, select the country you wish to call. Additionally, you can also click the card that you can see in our Best Buys section on the left of the page.
  2. Once you arrive at the card you wish to purchase, select the number (qty) of cards you wish to purchase. Then select the Value on of the card you wish to buy and click ‘add to card’ to add the card to your shopping cart. Within the shopping cart you are able to change the number of cards, the value of the cards or even the delete the card you selected at any time.
  3. You can now either go back to the products page to search for more cards, back to the Rates Finder page to select another great card, or browse through other sections of our website.
  4. You can see what items you have in your shopping cart at any time by clicking on 'Shopping cart’
icon in the menu at the left of the page. If you are happy with the items in your cart, you can then proceed to the ‘Checkout’.
  5. If you are an existing account member with us and have not logged in, please login by entering your username and password on the left side of the page in the Login section. If you are a new customer you need to sign up with us as an account member. Simply click here (active link that leads to url:registation page) or click on the ‘Register’ button which can be found on the left side of any page. This should only take you 5 minutes!
  6. Enter your credit card details. Click 'Pay Now' to complete the order.
  Once Our bank confirms the transaction (will take no more than 20 secs), we will email your new card details to your email address that you have selected in your account membership.
  To protect against credit card fraud, a credit limit of $10 applies for your first transaction. This limit is enforced for the period of 1 week after date of first purchase . Subsequent orders can be up to $100 per week thereafter . If you require a higher limit, please contact MTI on 1300 725 176 for arrangement.

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